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    Originally from Warren, Michigan, I came to Phoenix on an Arizona State University (ASU) Swimming Scholarship. After studying history and gaining a teaching certificate, I quickley discovered that the day to day drudgery of teaching high school students was not my cup of tea. I dabbled in photography while attending ASU, but had not considered it as a career. I stumbled upon this artistic calling -- a calling that my life was meant for -- at a Monkees concert back in the mid 1990's; they didn't have a photographer so I leapt at the opportunity to take the gig.

    Fast forward all these years and I had the privledge of shooting international fashion shows in Milan, Rome, London, Berlin, and New York City. My photographs have been featured in People Magazine - and even a Jon Krakauer novel. I have attended multiple red carpet events at the Oscars, Venice Film Festival, and the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival capturing amazing images of world famous celebritiess. I am most honored to have photographed Pearl Harbor attack survivors and conducted many interviews with these precious WWII veterans.

    Photography Subjects

    • Fashion & Modeling - including magazine projects, advertisements, clothing lines, etc.
    • Weddings, Familiy Portraits, Graduations, Birthdays and other social gatherings.
    • Entertainment Industry multimedia for music, television, movies, live events, and more.
    • Spcial Occasions such as political topics or historical organization preservation.
    • Travel & Places of interest to capture unique moments and people around the world.
    • Business Marketing assistance to help create captivating images to attract customers.
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